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The stainless steel design makes the coffee water filter look modern and elegant. The special ceramic filter is made of high-quality ceramic that ensures the purity of the water which is highly appreciated by people who are in love with coffee. All materials are from food grade materials, such as plastic, metal and glass, so it is harmless to people's health. It can be filled with water directly by a tap or bottled water and let it run for 20 minutes for clean and healthy drink. With the non-adhesive glass on the bottom and silicone seal, it has no leak, easy to operate and clean. It is good for the health of your family and good for environment. So it is highly recommended to you. It can be used in your office or business place as a gift to customers who drink coffee regularly at home or at work. feel free to contact us if you have any questions about this promotional item.

Bring purest water to your office or home with this easy to use water filter. Simply fill the bottle and place in your refrigerator or even in hot water to speed up its flow. In just two minutes you'll have pure, clean and refreshing water with a pleasant taste and smell. No more chemical residue in your water when you go to the faucet, no more need for expensive treatments. Also, the bottle will keep ice for days with the help of the built-in ice tray. When it's time to refill, screw on the cap, add new ice and water and in just a few minutes you'll have clear, healthy drinking water.

Hard water is a real drag on the taste of your coffee and it can also hamper the longevity of your machine. If you're grinding up for a caffeine jolt and you're lacking in an easy solution, then you need to consider investing in a water filters for coffee machine. By removing the impurities from the water, you'll be able to enjoy an aromatic brew that tastes great, lasting you longer. The coffee water filter removes sediment from your coffee, meaning it's even better once it's already brewed. Easy to use and easy to clean, this convenient coffee maker features a water filter that removes chlorine and bad tastes.

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